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GraphTablet is a handy application to create blank graph paper
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Michael Eve

GraphTablet is a handy application to create blank graph paper. It doesn’t have any help file, but it is very easy to use and can be helpful for students, pupils and even for preschool age kids as a graphic coloring paper.
GraphTablet offers you a clear interface and has only one window. It consists of the “Preview” window on the right and all controls and options are on the left. You can choose formats, divisions, layouts and pens. There are four available formats: Rectangular, Polar, SemiLog and NoteBook. Also you can choose line spacing, specify subdivisions and choose a color of a grid. Using the “Divisions” option you can specify the quantity of minor lines between each major division line. The “Layout” option lets you choose a number of blocks – you can place from one to four separate grids on a single page.
This version has some improvements: more control over major line spacing, number of subdivisions, number of cycles, several pen width and more colors. Besides, if you want to print your blank graph paper, you can use any paper up to 32 cm x 32 cm. The “Save.EMF” button allows you to save your graph in emf format for further exporting to paint and other programs.

Julia Galygo
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  • Easy and handy
  • Offers several formats
  • More controls and colors
  • Allows to use any paper
  • Free


  • The exact graph’s size and its position (for headings) on the page cannot be set
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